Can we move the future closer?

The Open Model for Citizen Engagement is a community of individuals passionate about ensuring that every citizen has a voice in policymaking. But wait! There’s more: the core of this community is made up of the developers and vendors that make and sell the technology that drives communication between citizens and elected officials today. [Members]

The gist

Currently, there are all sorts of problems with communication between citizens and their elected officials. When is the last time you received a meaningful response from someone you put in office? When’s the last time you even tried? Of course, there’s more to the story: it’s not all their fault!! Technology has made it possible for us to send them much more mail than they can handle (and to send it a dozen different ways – how confusing!).

What do we do?

Starting with this understanding, the founding members of the Open Model for Citizen Engagement are opening a conversation amongst their peers on what the future will look like, and how to bring it to fruition as soon as possible! And we want you to be part of developing that solution.

Let’s be honest, if everyone that is involved in the communication cycle isn’t part of developing the solution we’re going to miss something – and it may be something important!

Join us

Register on the site right here and we’ll help you get started. Not ready? Check out our documents or working groups to see what we’re doing. If you’re into improving citizen engagement, you’ve found a community.

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