Workshop: Online Constituent Identity

  • Uniting the identity and citizen engagement software communities

  • Creating sustainable online constituent identity solutions that serve the needs of citizens, advocacy groups, and elected representatives.

Join us: Early Registration ends October 29th.

All in one day? It’s not possible! It’s too much!!

You may be right.

HOWEVER! There are already nascent solutions out there, and the real challenge lies more with developing viable business and adoption models than it does with creating new technology — and we can certainly make significant progress on those issues in a day.

In addition, we’ll be using highly focused and collaborative techniques along with all the power of computer technology to get the most out of the day.
(Plan to bring your laptop!)

This is the place where ideas will gel, relationships will form,
and a cornerstone of online civic engagement will be set.

Who’s running this?

The Open Forum Foundation is a DC based, non-partisan, technology agnostic, non-profit organization that focuses on the intersection of technology and citizen engagement. We bring people together to solve simple problems in the space and make noticeable progress on the tougher ones. We do this in a number of different ways, the most pertinent of which are:

Our Executive Director, Wayne Moses Burke will lead the workshop.

Should I Attend?

If you’re committed to making progress on this issue and self-identify as any of the following, you should definitely attend.

Your nation needs you!
  • Online identity provider, solution provider, or relying party
    • with an identity solution for the political sphere
    • OR the desire to create an identity solution for the political sphere
    • OR you’re just fascinated with jurisdictional trust frameworks.
  • Developer, vendor, or manager of citizen engagement software* and
    • have an interest in the evolution of online civic engagement
    • see the advantages of verifying constituents online, including:
      • empowering the voices of advocacy groups and
      • enabling elected officials to focus on the needs of their constituents
    • have a business interest in helping to establish this technology.
  • Passionate about online identity and citizen engagement as a citizen, advocacy group, or elected representative.

* Citizen engagement software includes any software that is intended for use by elected officials, advocacy groups, or citizens to enable better political communication.

Join us: Early Registration ends October 29th.

When and Where?

November 12, 2010 8am – 6pm
Washington, DC
Specific location coming soon.

Why are you doing this?

We have seen the future,
and the future is knowing
who we are online.

The growth and adoption of online civic engagement has created the need for a reliable means of online constituent identity. While this has not yet reached a point of crisis, the volume of communication and the number of channels through which it may flow continues to grow. A well-developed solution stands to empower the voices of citizens, enable representatives to better understand and communicate with their constituents, and lay a foundation for better citizen engagement software in the future.

At the Workshop: Creating GREAT Citizen Engagement Software, a repeating point of discussion for the future of online citizen engagement was the need for a means of verifying online constituent identity. This workshop is the next step in resolving that issue.

To see what else we accomplished at that workshop, read the documents that were created there.


8:00am    Registration Opens
8:30am    Opening Session, Introductions
9:00am    Technology exploration: What’s out there and what’s possible today?
10:00am  Sustainability Models: Who pays and what’s it worth?
11:00am   Adoption Models: Who cares and why would they participate?
12:00pm  Lunch is served; afternoon agenda setting
1:00pm    Breakout Session 1
2:00pm    Breakout Session 2
3:00pm    Breakout Session 3
4:00pm    Closing
5:00pm    Happy Hour
6:00pm    Fin

*This agenda will be tailored to the attendees to ensure best use of the allotted time.

Join us: Early Registration ends October 29th.