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Guiding Principles

Last edited by Wayne on 08 October, 2010 at 19:45

This is version 1.0 of defining the guiding principles for implementing a new paradigm of communication between citizens and elected officials. Have a look at it and let us know what you think. As we make modifications to it, we’ll come back to you for feedback.

These principles, when applied by the many stakeholders, will lead us to the new paradigm described by the Goals.

Representatives should engage in conversations

  • Representatives are encouraged to participate in political conversations that are already occurring
  • Representatives may act as conveners of dialogues around important issues
  • These conversations may accomplish the following:
    • Idea generation
    • Understanding of constituent perspectives
    • Explanation of Representative perspectives
    • Peer-to-peer education

Authority based on credibility

  • Minimize the role of money by giving ideas a bandstand
  • Build recognition for and find ways to endorse groups and individuals with experience
  • Mechanisms for establishing authority should be transparent and democratic (small d)

Respectful dialogue

  • Finding agreement in the face of problems (seek common ground)
  • Breadth and Depth
    • many levels of group discussion, vertical and community discussion
    • sophistication of the discussion – not just yes or no
    • full representation of the community
    • provide a more meaningful relationship between citizens and officials
  • Focus on policy not politics, eg the creation of viable solutions not who wins
  • Both online and in-person discussions are important
    • in-person is great for reconciling differences

Universal access to the process

  • free and standards-based
  • low barrier to entry

Transparency of data and communications

  • where there is no security or privacy concern

Reflect current realities of communication and media.

  • Be flexible enough to track changes in communications going forward.

Technology and Vendor agnostic

  • For cross-communication and access to information.
  • Vendors should compete on user interface, data analysis, and feature set – not on data aggregation.

What did we miss?

Let us know below so can modify this and improve it.

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