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Executive Director


Open Forum Foundation


Washington, DC

You are (or you represent) a:

Citizen, Nonprofit Organization

You're interested in government at the:

Local level, State level, Federal level, Intergovernmental level, eg UN, World Bank




I have a pretty diverse history that includes a BS Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MS Global Affairs from New York University. Amongst other things, I’ve done manufacturing design and engineering, state level electoral reform, hypnotherapy, web design and coding, and IT hardware support and installation.


In the future, I expect that every person on the planet will have the ability to participate in the formulation of the policies that affect their lives.

Your Part

I started the Open Forum Foundation to help move things in that direction. It seems that my part is in connecting all the people that are doing amazing things in this space together. This includes the non-profits and the for-profits, the established organizations and the startups. There will always be competition and there will always be areas where collaboration is necessary. I want to find those areas and support that process.


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