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AmericaSpeaks gives citizens an authentic voice in local, regional and national decision-making on the most challenging public issues of the day. We are a nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C.

Our vision is that the public’s business will be conducted differently – that by developing a rich national infrastructure for democratic deliberation through our projects, innovation and collaboration, we can access the collective wisdom of the American people.

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Doxa2, Inc. founded by Gong Szeto and Janina Pawlowski, develops online tools to facilitate voter deliberation and individual/group decisionmaking on national, state, and local issues. Gong is a Fellow at the Center for the Advancement for Public Action at Bennington College and Janina is the founder and Executive Director for The Preservation of Land for Agricultural Needs Trust (PLANT!). Doxa2′s first project,, was launched in April 2010 to helps voters navigate the Ballot Initiatives in the California Statewide Direct Primary.


“Just as President Franklin D. Roosevelt connected with individual citizens via radio through his “Fireside chats” radio broadcasts, we believe politicians in the 21st century can similarly build close relationships with constituents using the latest technologies and strategies. Hence the name Fireside21.

Fireside21 is a company that creates easy-to-use Web-based tools that help legislators keep in close contact with their constituents.  We produce attractive, highly functional Web sites, improved methods of delivering emails to the right constituents, and a simplified method of managing the overwhelming volume of constituent letters, emails and requests that are sent to elected officials.”

Firoze Lafeer

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Online Townhalls

OnlineTownhalls Inc builds tools for large scale conversations between citizens and elected leaders.  The company has been deeply involved in the Executive Branch’s Open Government Initiative and sees the potential for a similar renaissance in public engagement here on the legislative side.

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs, the umbrella company for Wired for Change and DemocracyInAction, develops a wide suite of online organizing tools for progressive non-profits and democratic candidates.  James Rising is the development lead for the advocacy campaign tools, and is always seeking more powerful ways for citizens to collaborate and make their voices heard.

Open Forum Foundation

We are a DC-based nonprofit committed to giving every citizen a voice in the decisions that shape their world. We are accomplishing this through the development of technology such as, educational events such as, and managing the Open Model for Citizen Engagement.